Scott, 16, Gay. Currently studying theatre at an arts school. I hope to one day become an actor. I post mostly fashion, photography, and writing (I post my own work in my writing tag, and other's work in my words tag.). Most of the fashion is McQueen, but I post some others as well. "Dear Sleep,

Breathe me, perhaps, to dreaming

Instead of laying lifeless in beds of stone,

Earth burning silently

Behind saltwater seeping eyes

And someone else’s marrow dripping,

Like sand across my mind

Sing me, maybe, to swimming

Like pale jazz melody

Soft and low through electric blue heat

Dark hands rising to touch the sky

And drawing back sweet vanilla stars

To place between my teeth

And kiss upon my cheek

Forever smiling sugar down upon me"


    KwangHo Shin


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        Ysabel Lemay

        1. Circa

        2. Stillness

        3. Ornatus

        4. Illuminated II

        5. Venus

        6. The Transmitter

        7. Sanctum

        8. Heartbeat

        9. Repose

        10. Prelude


          Livio Scarpella - Crystallized Veiled Sculptures


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            oh hey my picture was placed in this and I rather like the composition.

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                Janis Avotins - There Are No White Spaces (2012)

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                    Robert Mapplethorpe



Porn Glitch


                      Porn Glitch

                        "The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature."
                        —Joseph Campbell. Writer (via purplebuddhaproject)


                          Artist & Sculptor:

                          Peng Wei 

                          a.)  ”I’m Here”

                          b.)  Persian Caprice three”

                          c.)  "Peony"

                          d.)  ”Autumn rural Wrangler”

                          e.)  Persian Caprice Two”

                          f.)  Om of Two”

                          g.)  唐人秋 Color”

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